Piracy and armed robbery incidents continue to occur in the waters along Malacca straits, Singapore strait and broadly in South China seas.

These incidents appear to occur largely on container, tanker and bulk carrier types of vessels. The number of incidents however has dropped substantially over the last five years, particularly on the number of armed incidents.

There is a larger concentration of incidents in Malacca and Singapore straits which has a very high marine traffic density and where some of the busiest container ports are located.

MMEA (Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency), Singapore Police Coast Guard and the Indonesian Coast Guard have increased their presence in their respective local waters. This acts as a very welcome deterrent to piracy activities.

Piracy assessments on critical cargo shipments for large infrastructure projects will continue to play an important part in ensuring a seamless flow of equipment and modules into the construction site.

Almarco Maritime is well equipped with the required local knowledge to conduct these assessments on critical cargo shipments for large infrastructure projects.

The second quarter piracy report for 2021 can be found using the link .

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