Company overview

Who we are

Almarco Maritime (Almarco) is an independent Australian marine consultancy and inspection company that operates in the marine transportation and insurance sector. We offer our customers a wealth of experience and expertise in marine risk management and claims handling.

Almarco has the knowledge base and the global reach for managing marine risks of large-scale projects in compliance with the marine warranty survey requirements for critical items. It has a vast network of marine surveyors, both in-house and external, that provide various loss control services associated with project-based shipments.

We have actively participated by working closely with our customers in managing and successfully executing the loss control services for many local infrastructures, mining, and more recently renewable energy projects.

We are very familiar with both local and international risks that must be considered to ensure the safe and efficient movement of shipments.

We have worked closely with a large number of Ocean Carriers, Freight Forwarders, Project Managers, Transport Companies, Oil majors, Insurance companies, etc., that specializes in project cargo and are familiar we some of the systems and processes that these companies utilized in the course of these cargo movements.

We do also provide loss adjusting services for marine claims. We have been appointed to manage large losses in the renewable energy sector and on general marine claims.

Our vision is to be the premier Australian marine consultancy and surveying services company, offering marine technical excellence and superior customer service.

What we offer

Our network of world-class Master Mariners and Engineers provides our customers with the required framework to comply with marine warranty requirements for large construction projects across the globe and loss adjusting within the Oceanic region.

Our marine surveyors are highly sought after by our customers for their experience and expertise in marine loss control services. They are highly qualified and have the necessary skills sets to plan and execute various marine loss control activities.

How We Work

If we are given the task of managing the marine warranty requirements for a particular project or shipment, a project-specific marine risk management plan will be developed. This plan will be based on the identified critical items that will be shipped for the project.

Any cargo that is subject to marine warranty survey (MWS) requirements will typically be identified as “Critical Cargo”. It will be developed in close consultation with the Project Managers to ensure that the specific needs of the client are considered and incorporated into the plan.

Some of the activities encompassing the marine risk management plan that will be undertaken are as follows:

- Marine risk assessments
- Desktop review on the suitability and condition of nominated vessels
- Assessment of stowage, securing and transport plans
- Loss control surveys and reviews
- Inspections & recommendations for improvements
- Weather routing / Mitigation of piracy exposures

Given our in-house capabilities and previous project experiences, we are confident of being able to manage the marine risks associated with a particular project successfully.

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